Saturday, July 25, 2015

28mm Fantasy/Dark Ages Fort comes to Ruin!

Having finished the fort in its "as new" version I decided to expand the game-play options by making some of the sections as ruins/attacked areas. Mostly I have been dying to find a use for these really coo,l construction blocks that my kids got me for Christmas last year (hey, there is a buying toys for DAD at Christmas time). Fortunately they fit in perfectly and I was off to the races with my hot glue gun in hand.

 the real culprits, the fort was just an excuse

from Ludington Michigan, a local product!

 the tower in an undamaged condition

the damaged section in place of the top floor and some rubble

more damage = more rubble

complete ruin requires even more rubble

the barracks was next on the list

the ruins are not an exact replacement for the battlement level..
..but I can live with that

as usual more wreckage more rubble

one end of the barracks ruin, I based it on a section of card and then built the wall using the blocks. I then used some strips of blue board that I frayed on the end to look like splintered wood

the reverse view of the same,
I will add some stucco to the lower edges to make it blend in better

the other end of the barracks ruin

seen from the other direction

the whole lot together,
the small rubble piles were built on scraps of card and I hot glued big blocks to it,
the some broken ones and finally bits of blue board for filler,
next is some sand and a paint job

This should give the option of exploring a long abandoned fort or a desperate last-stand defense of a fort under heavy attack.

Comments, ideas, insults?


  1. I been a fan of your modeling skills for a couple of years now. And all I've got to say today is that you are one fine modeler. Keep up the ever-inspiring projects. They are like a shot of modeler's-protein!!

  2. Interesting idea ! (and work of course !)

  3. I need to paint my 28mm French Foreign Legion