Thursday, July 16, 2015

28mm Fantasy/Dark Ages Fort Part III

I had a couple of free hours this evening so I finished the structure of the fort. I have several swapable (is that even a word?) sub-structures that fit in the courtyard and I have managed to make most of the partition walls moveable. We will go through this layer by layer;

the base,
I am thinking of reworking this with modular subunits as well

the plinth,
 I am not sure that is what it is really called but I just like the word "plinth"

the ground floor

another view, the partition walls are moveable

the second level, more tower and a large barracks-block

the third level, a fighting top for the barracks and yet more tower

a fourth level of tower with its own battlement top

courtyard, basic wall walk

these are removeable

strips of matte-board and some styro blocks for support

swapping out one of the walkways for a stable section

the stables, we have seen this before but this picture is so much better

trading the wall walk for some storage and tack rooms

trading the stables for more ground level storage
more moveable partition walls

the roof is also the wall walk

layer-cake stairways are the best

all of the removable sub structures

Old Glory soldiers guard the fort, 
they look small because modern Fantasy 28mm figures are very much larger 
and I built the fort with that in mind


  1. This is STUPENDOUS! My children will assault this over and over. Too bad Kris was not running D&D tonight, he could have christened the frontier fort. I will bring the flat paint this evening.

    Now my imagination turns to the underground levels that will have to be created.

  2. I still have a couple of the 48" x 24" sheets of blue board........I could make the hill bigger by adding another layer. Think of the possibilities!