Friday, July 31, 2015

D&D and Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Bones

Hey everybody, Justice and Rule here with a few updates and possibilities for games in the coming weeks.

You have stumbled across Tiamat doing morning stretches. Roll Initiative, 1st Level Meatbags.
First off, D&D. Anyone in the group who is interested in getting some miniatures, I did put in a pledge into the Bones 3: Revenge of Mrs. Bones kickstarter that recently ended. While over, Reaper is generally pretty good with allowing people to add on to their pledge after the fact, so if any miniatures on those pages appeal to you, feel free to let me know and we can work out some payment.

Last seen being hacked to bits by Dwarven Paladin and Half-Orc Barbarian.
Also, for those who don't know, Honest Dan is coming back from August 15th to August 28th. I am loathe to do a game of D&D during that time, let alone the multiple ones we've been doing as of late because Honest Dan ain't a particularly huge fan of anything that doesn't start with G and end with URPS. So I'm looking at the 28th (depending on when his flight is; I'm assuming early) and 29th as dates to do games. These dates aren't set in stone and I could do it earlier, but I'd prefer not to waste the Fridays and Saturdays HD has in town on things he won't be involved in. I'll also see if Friday's more criminally-inclined group can get in contract with Saturday's group to get both of you on the page/crime scene.

Only YOU can stop insurrection!
On to Star Wars. The first attempt at the Battle of Yavin went pretty damn well by all accounts, though I got plenty of feedback on how to improve some things. I'd like to do a second game of this on August 15th, the day that Anton won't be around (Sorry, Anton. The Empire will just have to get along without your seething rage and evilness...). It's the day that HD will be coming in and I can set it up the day before pretty easily. And this time I hope to have a better-looking table top than the blue sheet that I had before. If this is a problem, feel free to point it out in the comments below.

Finally, I'd like to try a second game of Pulp Alley, which was an initiative-driven Pulp Adventure game we did a while back that involved Jungle Temples, Skeletons, Pygmies, Ghost Lions, and plenty of bushwhacking. I want to do another game of that. I'd also like to try it while Dan's here. If no one has a game planned for the 22nd, I'd like to propose this as the game. If someone has already claimed it for something else, then I'd like to see how many people would like to game on Friday, August 21st. This game might include dangerous flying squirrel attacks, so be ready!

DISCLAIMER: Game may not actually include Flying Squirrel Attacks.
Beyond that, feel free to post any questions or concerns not address in the comments below.

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