Monday, July 13, 2015

Taking a Break from Boats (for a while)

I was still growling about the rigging/sails thing when my long-time buddy, The Housemartin, mentioned that he was getting his kids into the newly released edition of D&D..H e asked if I would be kind enough to build a multi-use fort for dungeon-crawling and adevturing. This seemed a pleasant change from fore-stays and braces so I agreed. He gave me some sketch plans of the fort and told me to allow my imagination a free rein.

What you see below is the start of things. I am planning on making things as modular as possible to allow many reconfigurations to enhance the model's playability.

the hill on which sits the fort, the basement is set up as a store-room,
ruler for scale

the base that covers the crypt and raises the fort above the surroundingd

the ground level of the fort, the rooms will be mostly moveable

and the first level of the tower, with a 28mm Liche-King for scale

I spent about forty minutes cutting foam for this (I spent more time getting my sums right so it was scaled properly). I am rather excited about the possibilities this project has. Maybe I will even relent and take another stab at the sloop!

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  1. Brilliant! Already the awesome, if insane, nature of your modeling skills show through, I and my children thank you.

    May the Ghosts of the Judges Guild be at peace.

    By the way, the Mat Board will be there today.