Saturday, February 3, 2018

A First Look at Flintcon

     I just returned from Flintcon, despite dire warnings of an approaching Snowmageddon R.U.P. drove and we made the trip in record time (BTW weathermen.......3" of snow is just another day here in Michigan, stop blowing things out of proportion!). I ran the Siege of Saint Augustine again and had a jolly time doing so, the players seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

     Between arriving and setting up my game I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of games in progress and blow my entire budget on two purchases. Apologies to anyone  running a game that I missed. J&R was roving the hall throughout the convention and will certainty be posting a more comprehensive report soon. But, for now, here are the photos.

anybody that knows me is aware that I'm a sucker for any game with jungles and/or steamboats, 
this one had BOTH, and some very nice water effects as well

good terrain, native huts, beautifully painted figures.....and a STEAMBOAT!!!

neat use of a child's toy to make a "fossil dig " scene

I have heard good things about these rules, I wasn't able to give them a try
huge numbers of figures

nicely done paint jobs
now I want to dig out my Ral Partha figures and get to work
these are true "old fashioned" 25mm figures from back in the Dark Ages,
 when a millimeter was actually a millimeter long

beautiful proof that you don't need a figure 32mm tall to do a good paint job!

The weird VSF  style of this game always appealed to me but the Housemartin bought the whole shooting match as soon as they came out so I never got any

more lovely figures

and lots of horses, I love cavalry,
 I'm no good at running them, I just think they are cool

nice boat!

beautiful paint-jobs on the minis

Boney approved

very nice terrain

my Goodness that is a lot of fencing!

of course I brought my Castillo
(and look, I managed to bring the ladders this time!)

here is one half of the purchases I made today
(notice that I paid the princely sum of five bucks for it)

and here is the other half
 (I won't say what I threw in on this lot, just in case my wife reads the blog!)  

         I had a great time at the convention, I'm glad I made it and look forward to attending next year.


  1. Nice pictures, and for sure poor Flint could use some love!

    I got a chuckle out of seeing Todd's game with To the Strongest! Todd was a player (and a very amiable one at that) in my Saturday chariot extravaganza at Historicon using To the Strongest! I guess he liked the rules. :-)
    They are well worth a try. They work well for any game, but are especially well suited to convention play. Lovely troops, too, by Todd!

  2. Thanks for posting the picture. I'm still suffering from the Caribbean flu bug. Today I feel almost alive again.. Or

  3. So many splendid tables and figures here, my favourites are Congo and 'Persians vs Greeks' (especially this colorful and impressive scythed chariot!), thanks for sharing these eye candies!

  4. I can't stand the silence on this blog.... After a bunch of kool progress reports... to silence....arrgghhh.... I need an update fix.

  5. Hang in there OldSarge! I am recovering and will soon start a a painting project. Updates soon!

  6. Nice pics of games! I do like posts that cover conventions and seeing the games. Yours is also super organized.