Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Second Look at Flintcon

     My Co-Editor Justice&Rule acted as a roving reporter during Flintcon. As such he captured pictures of many more games than I did. He has uploaded them to the blog. Unfortunately I cannot provide commentary as I was busy running a game myself. This is very picture-intensive, it might take a minute to load. If anyone who was running a game, or played in one, would like to provide info please do so in the Comments section and I will attach their note to the corresponding photos.

 while the much-vaunted snowstorm failed to materialize
the media hysteria surrounding the non-event probably depressed attendance

aside from miniature gaming Flintcon hosted a good many board and role-playing games

this racing game looked fun

Rider's hobbies sponsored a painting table

To The Strongest
Greeks vs Persians

54mm Pirates Game
using broadsides and boarding parties 

The Battle of Hanau

Memoir '44

WarHammer 40K Tank Rally

28mm Black Powder Napoleonics

15mm Brandywine Creek

All Quiet on the Martian Front

Fireball Forward

28mm Congo

Age of Sigmar


  1. Looks like Flintcon has become a premier event. Too bas I missed it.

  2. Some of those tables are really quite excellent. I do like convention reports like this. 😀