Friday, February 23, 2018

A Person of Significant Power

     Actually just a darned fine figure that I tried to paint well enough to honor the ultra-talented sculptor that made it. Brother Vinny makes a range of (rather pricey) resin models in 28mm. I don't know if they are intended for gaming or just display but I sure wish that I had the cash and painting-talent to have an army of these to call my own. Housemartin had this figure in with a few others that he had left lying about, it didn't look like much until I hit it with a coat of white primer; then it left me a bit stunned. Simply superb. Like I said I did my best but I'm not sure my brush is up to this level of sculpting.


  1. Dude that is some fine ass painting, nice job on layering and choice of color palette. I'd be proud to have it in my collection and that says it all!


  2. Simply astonishing. Your paint brush is more than a match for that, or any other figure. He may have to kill several characters when we play the D&D Constantinople game.

  3. I blush at your kind words. Thank you all