Friday, February 16, 2018

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum...

     The Housemartin has long played upon my gadfly attention span to goad me into projects for him. His latest triumph was to talk up a set of Roman Chariot Racing rules and get me interested. I should have seen the other shoe waiting to drop........ nobody makes 28mm charioteers (or so I've been told). Could I be so kind as to suggest a source? He knows very well my enthusiasm for plastic figures and is also well aware of the vast pile of the same in my "toy room". Of course I suggested that it would be a simple thing to build some out of the many Classical period figures that I have, and he only needed eight of them (all different; if you can).

   Well I spent an hour after work knocking these little fellows together out of some Wargame Factory boxes I had lying about.

the lead, umm, plastic pile

the primary donor kit, Wargames Factory Numidians,
 the best source ever for nondescript classical era torsos

a likely looking start 

 and "Boom" a charioteer

but some mosaics show charioteers with armor, you say?
enter the Wargames Factory Heavy Hoplite box

they certainly look heroic, and they have cool helmets

a little more kit-bashing and I had these, 
I like the egotistical sod on the right ,
he is the pretty-boy everybody loves to hate


  1. Nice bit of kit bashing there.

    Is that the whole lead/plastic pile? I’m sometimes tempted to do a whole post on my lead pile just for the sake of documentation and comparison. 😀

  2. I have a whole room 12'x20'(much to my embarrassment) full of almost started projects. I should do like you and catalog it all. Last year I sorted them all into boxes and labelled them so at least I have a chance of finding things.