Monday, February 19, 2018

A Spot of Paint

      I had intended to make The Housemartin paint the charioteers that I had assembled for him. They looked so sad, sitting there on the workbench all naked and everything. I figured that I would just prime them when this least they are finished now.

the Housemartin tells me that the "teams" were color-coded 
and fans went so far as to paint themselves to match, much like modern football fans 
thus you see the colors of the famous Crayola "basic eight" 
three primary colors, three secondary colors, plus black and white


  1. Looks good! Housemartin is lucky. 😀

    Adding the paint and the whips all of a sudden makes these look like charioteers! It’s suddenly clear to me that the other hand will be holding the reins. These look the part.

  2. So you are going to make the Chariots next?

  3. No, the Housemartin handled that..... but I think a Hippodrome is in my future

  4. Will this properly cover the Byzantines? Not a joke, but if you do you could properly cover the street fight/riot afterwards as a second game. Would be great for a con. :-D

  5. Looks like you are going to have to build a storage shed for all the project you have completed. I think running out of room in the basement..

  6. J&R I think the Housemarin has that in mind as well, he picked up Gangs of Rome rules

    OldSarge this will be stored at Housemartins facility

  7. Very nice! Impressive whips ...