Friday, May 24, 2019


Central African Republic
Why Spend Hundreds On A Name-Brand African Country?

Don't let the generic name fool you- the Central African Republic provides the same quality of poverty, disease, and corruption as it name-brand African neighbors.

-the ONION: Our Dumb World, Atlas of the Planet Earth, 73rd Edition


During the 2013 French military intervention (titled: Operation Sangaris) in the Central African Republic, part of it's mission was the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of the warring parties.  As opposed to many other ineffective intervention missions, the French forces in CAR were readily given the mandate that this was a "peace enforcement" mission, rather than just peacekeeping.  Combine this with ever-changing groups of rebels, an African Union led peacekeeping force, the changeover to a proper UN led force, and ever-present corruption within the CAR government itself, one is provided with an endless variety of wargaming opportunities.

We will pick up the action set in early April 2014:   A French helicopter has crashed while on operations south of the town of Boguila.  Nothing has been received since the pilot reported their rough location, but the area is known to be a hostile area within Seleka controlled territory.

Come sort out an equatorial African crisis!

Saturday (5-25-2019) at my house.
TIME: 630pm
Rules will be Spectre Operations (skirmish level game)

(If you have a drink of choice, please bring it as I have not bothered to stock any of your wines/whiskeys/ect ect)