Friday, April 23, 2021

And There Goes Flintcon!

Thanks to the Decrees of the Madwoman of Lansing we won't be enjoying Flintcon this year:



Rodney Cain <>
To:anton ryzbak
Wed, Apr 21 at 9:26 PM
We had to call it off again, the restrictions do not look like they will be lifted in time so I had to call it off.

We will try again for next year in February.


  1. Bummer deal. Sorry.
    I’m hoping for a convention over here near me in September might have more luck.

  2. Crap the witch has stuck again... Not happy here.

  3. Now Anton, I told you she would not allow it. We have a while yet to wait until we can have fun again.

    1. I think I need to find the website with the recall petition.......

    2. I'm with you Anton. Even Merkle in Germany set everyone free. What in the hell are we going if had a real problem. Like 800 dying a day in big cities with the black plague.