Thursday, April 29, 2021

Gaming Update, 1MAY21 1900hrs

 We will be gaming at my place this Saturday May 1st, 2021AD at 7pm.

Rumor is that The Housemartin will be rejoining us after his long hiatus.


  1. HEY!!! I have been VERY busy during this "Wretchin" enforced Hiatus. Not all of us are "independent men of means" who spend the winter in the southern climes! I have to "work" for a living (I got my new computer from work today, this is my first posting)! But I did get A LOT accomplished while locked in my house!

    1. Really great to see that the witch has given you permission to come out and play!

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    Ant make still in Knoxville TN. The National street rod is having their national.