Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Not Dead Yet!

the Nylian fleet begins to take shape

        I confess that I have been remiss in generating posts of late. That does not mean that I have quit the field entirely, just that I have too many things that are making very slow progress. I did dig out a long-shelved project and return to it in preparation for Flintcon on 15MAY21, in fact I expanded that scope of the operation (big surprise there?). The photo above hints at the direction I am headed, a post soon to appear on the Epicurean Wars blog will explain further.

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  1. Good hear that you are above the ground. Plus not worm food. I believe you have post covid shock syndrome. The is when one brain goes soft. Next you stare at the TV with drool running down the side of your mouth. Been there down that.. Getting to the bottom stuff to post. But I have custom the is talking about 20mm scals Arnhem bridge. This is only 6'5" long. Plus a month of run time using one Pure madness...