Monday, January 2, 2012

Distraction; DONE! 28mm wild west buildings finished

     Having had nothing aside from diet Coke to drink last night I awoke with a clear head and a quiet house, casting about for something to do that would fill the time until the Lions faced the Packers I remembered the remaining Gamecraft Miniatures buildings waiting on the workbench. I grabbed a cup of coffee and set to work. As before the models went together perfectly and the build was fast and smooth. Only at the end did I realize that I had made a mistake (which I blame on the lack of instructions - which I would not have read - but that is the excuse that I am going with) whilst assembling a couple of the models. The error was of small matter and easily made right, but I will point it out so others will not fall into the same trap.

     The first two buildings were near copies of the Saloon from the last article so I will not go into a lot of detail regarding the construction, needless to say they fit fine and I knocked them out in short order. But my feeling of elation lead me to make a mistake, let me show you with pictures (that thousand words thing, you know).

the parts laid out and ready to go

you should spread the glue thinly and evenly for the best results

you should clamp or weight the pieces while they dry

this is what I love about GCM buildings, they don't make me try to eyeball it,
 the place where the window frame belongs is unmistakable

with the sides and back done it was time to move on to the facade

with the clamps still in place I finished the front

then I found these in the bottom of the bits bag,
what on earth could these be?
they are clearly some sort of Victorian do-dad,
the kind of thing that had no practical purpose but made a definite style statement

brackets! of course, brackets, I have seen these many times on period buildings

so I promptly glued them in place

then added the ones that would go under the porch as well
(the Vikings seem to forming-up for something)

I assembled the walls and made sure they were square

I then added the fancy porch and thought myself well satisfied

the next building was identical except for the facade and brackets

and a fine looking building it is.........except.....

from GCM's site

         I went to CGM'c website to get some painting ideas while the glue was drying and was horrified to find this photo. What I had assumed to be brackets were actually architectural elements (called gee-gaws or dentils) the picture shows them holding another ornamental bit in place. Too late to rip them out as the glue had set I consoled myself with the thought that they looked pretty good as brackets.

      Suitable chastened I moved on to the largest of the models; the Livery Stable. This beast would pose a bigger challenge than getting my building bits right, the model is large enough that the glue did not have the tackiness to hold the wall sections in place while I monkeyed around getting the rest of the structure put together. I dry-fitted all of the parts to be sure that I wouldn't encounter any surprises during the assembly (they fit perfectly, of course). Lacking access to my stash of Legos I resigned myself to sitting and holding the first joint for ten minutes while the glue dried.

by far the largest model, it is also one of the simplest

after ten minutes I felt confident that the joint would hold

I added the next wall

another ten minutes and I could add the the last wall

constantly check the squareness of the model,
on a building this big any error will show

I got lazy and used the building to hold the roof square while it dried

it was reinforced, those long bits actually belong on other models,
I thought they were scrap bits

this thing is a beast, 28mm Perrys for scale

you could have a shoot-out INSIDE the model

it dwarfs the other buildings

the town square seems to lack something.....
something that featured in almost every Western Movie,,,,,,
what was it? 
A Hangman's Platform! Nothing like a gallows to cheer up the Public Forum

and there it was, next in line,
I have to say that this was the most intimidating kit of the lot,
all those pieces, no instructions

then I noticed that the framing was rabbeted

and that the size of the frame matched the size of the platform

the steps went together quicker and easier than I thought they would

just a little patience for the glue to set

then the fun could begin

when doing jobs like this I find it easier to add every other step
to avoid bumping the freshly added item with my fingers

then go back after the glue is set and add the rest
the cross-frame for the noose is next

and the "last walk" can be added

when adding the steps it is best to be sure that the treads all overhang on the same side

with a Perrys gunman for scale

     Aside from the misuse of a few parts (all my fault) this went as easily as the last batch. I think these are some darned fine models and will probably be buying some more. I am thinking of writing the GCM and asking for a load of the brackets as I find the little extra detail to the porch frames really makes the models come alive. I could also properly add the roof details that I screwed up. Put me down as a thoroughly satisfied customer.


  1. Wow, pretty awesome buildings. I have looked at their other building also. Just may end up buying some now. Finished up a some Panzer 38 (t) done up as the 7th panzer corp. Last week some of my saxon's I ordered from FRP came in the mail. Will have to start on them next.

  2. They are very cool buildings, the problem is that I am now tempted to build interiors for them........the barn in particular cries out for stalls, a hayloft etc.

    Are the 38(t)s from Zvezda? Please send pictures, I will post them as "viewer contributions"

  3. your building reviews just made me buy some cowboys.... yet another ocd moment.... damn.

    foundry has a sale right now. picked up 16 cowboys and a book for $40 and free shipping. the book itself is usually $50.

    by the way, as a update, i got a full platoon of brits, 3x mark4 male and 1 mark4 female painted up and ready to go. starting germans tomorrow happy with the tanks, not so much with the figures. i need a different matt sealer, i use armory and it makes the models look too dusty and turns their legs white.
    also, going to be getting rid of my 15mm ww2 soon so let me know if you want me to give you something before i put them up for sale.

  4. Sorry about making you buy cowboys....sounds like you got a real deal out of Foundry, which book did you grab? Their historical stuff is very good. Sounds like you are progressing by leaps and bounds with the WW1 stuff, I will have to get off my ass and start the trench systems. After I get back from Florida I will compare notes with you on the WW2 stuff and buy the stuff I need to fill in the holes in my collection.

    I am working on a scenario "The hanging of Crazy Dan Crane" so that we can use all of the Western buildings that I have.

  5. Joe,

    Armory flat sealer will do that if it gets cold I usually warm mine up before a big project (the can cools down as you spray) by putting it in a can of hot water (as hot as you can stand to hold your hand in is good). This seems to make the sealant flow better and avoids the "fuzzy" look.

  6. I never said you could buy my stuff. I said let me know what you need and I will give you stuff. I use yours or someone else stuff every tuesday least i could do. however, I have just discovered that there is now a late war German Cavalry force so i might need to keep some stuff... since someone is already doing cossacks I will do those. with Lances, even though they didnt have them.

    the book I got is called "the rules with no name" a set of western rules. my book collection was in danger of having more real books in it than it did rulebooks so i needed to rectify that.

    I will try that trick on the WW1 Germans, and if it does not work i am going to get some paint on Dullcote when MI Toy gets my Austrians in.

    yes I ordered the Austrians in the funny helmets,... cant help myself..........


  7. Lancers.....ahhhh, now there is a thought!

    I was thinking about putting together a big Wild West game for the next Con. The problem is that means painting A LOT of buildings.

    BTW I was at Michtoy and they said that your stuff will be in tomorrow (I always liked that Austrian helmet, not sure why)

  8. Since the topic of Austrain has been post. I bought mine direct from Warlords on a preorder. got one box of all the release. Also I have a large number of foundary that I purchase on ebay. Heavy cav, urlans, artillery and jagers all foundary. Some have been painted. Did you get my pdf on the viking campaign book?

  9. Yes, Lancers are a thought. Sadly, they wont have the rules for them and German cav will probably suck, just like the polish cav. they lack the rules to make them an effective assault force like the cossacks. the germans might be more useful than trucked panzergrenadiers though. the poles are just pooped on. russians minus the good.

    I would offer to help paint buildings if i could paint anything near well, but as i cannot, i shall not.

    i would like to get together before the con to see what you would like as i was going to try to sell the rest there. I also have those ww1 rules i printed off for you.

    I have a good set of skirmish rules that we are planning on running to do the plight of the tyrolean jagers. the tuesday group is painting up the jagers, line, and french lights. you are more than welcome to join in

  10. Joe, I wno't be back before the Con (in Lansing) so if you are taking stuff don't hold off on my account, and as far as painting goes I have seen your dtuff and it is fine, if you don't feel up to the detailing I would be happy to have help doing the blocking-in.

  11. would be happy to

    not sure if i am gonna make the con anyways, gas too damned expensive in that truck.