Saturday, December 10, 2011

Looking Forward; though to January 2012

Gaming Schedule through to January looks like this:

17DEC11       no game

      December will be a short month due to the way that Christmas and New Years Day fall on the weekends (plus there are a ton of other things I have to get done). As always I am open to volunteers that want to run a fun, fast-paced game! Further games will probably have to wait until mid January as the holidays will use up a couple of weekends and then I will be out of town for a week which will use up a couple more weekends. Members can use the comments section to post gaming session that they may choose to host. I will be adding articles on other things in the meantime (I have a couple of game reports and I have been working on some book reviews and I will get off my duff and write up the Game Scenario winner as well).


  1. I'll come by early to wash my fleet with a light gray. Have you seen the Dystopian Wars terrain they've put up on the War Store for pre-order? Nice little stuff, though a little pricey. Definitely interested in it though, if I can find a little better deal.

  2. Dude! The first time that I read your comment I thought it said. ".....wash my FEET with a light gray..." That is what I get for reading things before the coffee kicks in. I will take a peek at the terrain, hard to find a better retail deal than those guys, maybe Ebay?

  3. Figured you might get a kick out of the last one...