Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kit Review, the Plastic Soldier Company Stug III 15mm 1/100

     The long awaited Stug from PSC arrived at Michigan Toy Soldier the other day and I went there straight-away to get my grubby paws onone. This kit is up to the usual standard of PSC models (or about an order of magnitude or two better than most others). The kit is cleanly molded in a light olive and the kit contains five sprues that will build either the F/8, early or late model G and the Sturmhaubitze. Truly a workhorse of the German war effort the StuG III went everywhere that the German fought, this model will provide WW2 gamers with a core component of the German army. The kit provides the two different upper hulls and assorted gun barrels to accurately recreate the listed versions.

the box art, much better than the effort on the 251 box

the contents

the parts sheet, thoughtfully color-coded to indicate which parts are for the specific models

assembly instructions, the artwork has gotten better but it is still pretty basic

side A of the sprue

side B of the same

upper hull section for the F/8

upper hull for the other versions, both hulls are well detailed

look! bolts and rivets, in 1/100 scale, golly I just love this stuff

the various guns provided with the kit

     I think I am going to build/paint mine for 43/44 Ostfront to give my Germans a little more staying power. The model stands up to the very high standard of the previous PSC products. I can scarcely wait for the Pz II, M4A4 and Panther models.

     Very Highly Recommended,    John

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