Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Distractions from the Viking Project

     My son, Pat, has an uncanny ability to distract me from one project by the placing another (equally interesting) item before me. Last year it was the Dystopian Wars Prussian Fleet as you can see from the  pictures they took a bit of painting. The models were lovely and the rules are a blast. This year he chose to place under my tree an unassuming box that smelled slightly of burnt wood. Inside I found a most amazing set of model buildings. These little beauties are the product of Game Craft Miniatures. A complete Old West town laser cut out of wood (which accounts for the scent). As I opened the bags containing the models I noticed that they are devoid of saw-marks of any kind, every cut has been executed with a laser, this creates very close tolerances and perfect fit. I took one model out and assembled it, the parts fit together smoothly with no need to fiddle or sand the joints to ensure a good fit. I have put together expensive plastic models that didn't come close to this perfection of fit. I will be doing a full write-up on these when I get to building/painting them. In the meantime enjoy these photos.

the models came carefully packed in individual bags

the folks at Game Craft thoughtfuly provided a 30/60/90 triangle to ensure a square build,
but I think that I might use the Lego method as well

the signs are amazing

some have the background burnt away leaving raised letters

no cheesy drop-shadow letters here,  those babies are raised
Old Glory Viking for size comparison

this guy seemed thrilled that a saloon was opening soon,
somebody better explain the difference between West Texas and Wessex

the parts for a small store laid out

they dry-fit perfectly, the Viking has returned as a size reference

     After looking at this range I can tell you that I am re-thinking the resin models that I have on the shelf. Why bother when these are sooooo fine!


  1. Ha! Blazing Saddles reference. Didn't notice that one when I looked the signs online. Now we need to paint up a black sheriff.

    And how many buildings did you get?

  2. Seven, if you include the hangman's platform as a "building"