Sunday, February 22, 2015

28FEB15 OGRE Attacks!!!!!!!

We finally opened our copy of Steve Jackson's magnum opus version of Ogre. I have to say this is perhaps the finest boardgame that I have ever dealt with in all the forty years that I have been wargaming, the quality of the components is simple astounding. We spent a couple of hours punching out and assembling the 3-D models and sorting through the counter. Next week we will play the egame. It has been years since I played the old pocket version, my college buddies and I played until the counters, and the map, simple fell apart, I can scarcely wait!


  1. That's awesome -just bought my 14yr old son the re-released pocket edition for his birthday.

  2. That is how I got started, it is a great little game but the map was less than inspiring, of course we made our own from hex-paper and colored pencils