Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dupuy De Lome; Paint at last!!

Well, I finally got the turrets finished and threw a coat of paint on the model. I still need to buils the lifeboats and boat-handling equipment, but she is pretty close to done! (At last!)

 the crew seems happy

light guns on the flying bridge

 the mid-section of the ship is crowded and will be worse with the lifeboats

marines in the fighting tops keep a lookout and repel boarders!

my high-tech way of clamping the turrets in place while the glue dries

bow-on you can see the capacity for shooting forward, 
three heavy guns and two light

a slightly higher view

the formal side-shot

the stern, three heavy guns, and three lights

 a slightly higher view

the great advantage of using foam and paper....
.....the model weighs less than the crew figures do

         No I just need to get to work on life-boats and launches and the battleship and the cruiser will both be ready to send the Germans on their way.


  1. John -- how do you get your rivets to round off on top? I have some Scribbles paint like you use but my rivets dry with a pointy top. I tried sanding them down but the paint is rubbery, so no success. Is it my technique? Maybe my paint is old (I've had it a while). Thanks. Chuck

    1. I have rather the opposite problem, my paint is so runny that it often makes a dot of inconsequential dimensions and needs to be re-painted, my stuff is new. I have acquired a different brand and I will give it a go. If it is better I will post it to the blog. One thing you could do is hold the object flat and tap it firmly against somethign ....perhaps gravity will shorten the points?

    2. A while ago I tried white glue, but it settles flat. I found epoxy glue (5 minute) works great, applied with the tip of a toothpick, but you have to keep mixing new batches.I just tried making rivets with Scribbles and a toothpick, but bad results compared to straight from the bottle.

    3. Chuck check out the stuff I just found, Discount Craft and Floral 10 Mile just east of Van Dyke sells is an Americana product so it is doubtless available elsewhere.

  2. No other word for it ... superb. You have a beautiful and unique model now which will be the envy of all. I enjoy watching your work evolve very much. Keep 'em coming

  3. Outstanding modelling John. What is the next ship for the fleet?