Saturday, February 28, 2015

Battlegroup Kursk, After Action Report

Joe dropped by last Saturday and we ran a game of Battlegroup Kursk. The rules use an interesting activation/command system that is interleaved with the morale function. At first glance the tank by tank activation would seem to play slowly but, with only a limited number on command points to employ (often some units do not get to move every turn) and generous movement allowances, thing banged along at a snapping pace.

the situation on turn two, Germans trying to move on both flanks
 to force the Russians to give up some flanks shots

but flanks shots don't help it you roll badly and can't hit anything

the Russians, on the other hand, focused on destroying the PZ IV threat right away
 and threw everything they had at it

one group went straight at the PZ IVs while the other swept behind a hill,
an artillery battery of 76mm guns bridged the gap between them
 and pummeled the Germans with direct-fire barrages

soon half of the PZ IVs were burning and the rest were pinned down

the next turn the Germans rolled terribly for command and could barely get their troops back in the fight, in the Russian half of the turn all but one PZ IV was burning and the German infantry were pinned down, after losing several PZ IIIs as well the the Germans threw in the towel

     All in all this was a fun game, the mechanics of hitting are constrained by the use of a single D6 (but there are lots of rules systems that  fit in that category) but the command/morale system makes this a challenging game to play. Certainly not for the guys that need to calculate every tun with certainty it seems to come close to the chaos that trying to command troops in combat is like. I enjoyed uit and would happily play again. Fast as well; we were done inside three hours, from set-up to tear-down!


  1. Bummer I missed that. I have all the series for battle group including the original one from Warhammer historical. The activation sequence make it tough. There is no I'm going to counter charge when the other person charges. You more of less make your play and are stuck with it. Also limits the type of vehicle and tank you can have in a battle. One hordes of Tigers.

    Bolt action does a random action. You pull a dice out of bag to see what unit goes. That has a back and forth flow. When all the dies are removed from the bag that is the end of the turn. Still haven't had a chance to go over Too fat Lardies chain of command. I like the lost system and troop replacement in a campaign.

    Nice thing about Bolt action is that I can play int solo. Thanks for posting the AAR

  2. Very curious about these rules. I may yet try it one day. Great report. Very positive overall. cheers