Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dupuy De Lome Part VI; Rivets everywhere!!!!

     So I took a long afternoon and spent it applying rivets to the models. Not a lot to say it was just dot-dot-dot until it looked right.

it turned out to a pretty big model

the compound curves required a LOT of plates, 
which meant that there were a lot of panel joints needing rivets

the superstructure ended up being pretty complicated as well

the complex "onion-dome" shape of the stern was the worst!

I am still thinking about adding a gun-port to the rear end of the second deck

the barbettes were not supposed to stick out of the sides of the hull as much as they do...

perhaps I should have tapered the bottom edge of the  barbettes 
inward as they came down to the waterline

the ram bow (more properly "plough-shaped" bow) looks lethal

all that remains is to draw the planking on and finish the turrets

     I keep most of the sub-assemblies as separate components to ease painting, a trick I learned the hard way with earlier models. In the background is the OpFor to these :French: vessels, you can probably see why I resisted the temptation to paint them buff-over-black.

As always comments/criticism etc are welcome!


  1. That's a lot of dots. Going to be amazing when completed. Cheers

  2. You are building a rather large armada. Fantastic work!


  3. Amazing work as usual! Have to say IMHO a gun-port on the rear-end of the second deck would look fantastic...