Thursday, February 26, 2015

Further progress on the SMS Blitz

I had a little free time so I finished up the major components and started to paint them. This time I remembered to leave them separate from the hull until I was finished painting them, it certainly makes life easier!

the hull got a preliminary coat of black

as did the vision slits in the conning tower

and the muzzles and gunports on the turrets

the ventilators were made the same way as the ones on the Dupuy

the torpedo launcher is just three paper tubes and some "Woodsies" parts

the construction is pretty straightforward

the parts on the hull prior to a coat of paint

and afterward

the torpedo launcher looks a bit tall, it might have to be lowered

a couple more coats of yellow (it does not cover very well) 
and then all it needs are lifeboats and rigging

      I used my standard techniques in putting this together so I skipped a lot of the step-by-step shots that featured in earlier articles. If anybody has any questions post them in the comments and I will either answer them directly or link to the earlier postings.


  1. Rivets look good! What did you use this time? Chuck

    1. I used the Americana on the Blitz, it may just be the difference in surface texture that is what causes this to not spread, the card has a fairly rough surface

    2. I figured as much. A surface with more "tooth" would help the goop dome better.