Sunday, February 15, 2015

Making Rivets

I recently discovered a new 3D paint that looked like it might just replace my old rivet=making standby. I decided to put them to a head to head test;

the contenders, Americana Writer (the new guy) and Scribbles (the champ)

Below you will find a photo of the test, the grid is 1/4" lines and I tried making rivets as small as possible on up to a size that seemed larger than any I would find a use for.

I dropped the card as I was working which caused the Scribbles droplets to shift
 so I added a second row to give them a fair chance

    To my mind there is little to choose between them at the smaller end of the spectrum, but as you get larger, the Americana Writer provides a rounder, more symmetrical rivet that is less likely to run or drip. The fact that it is white will also greatly ease the painting situation as well. I was impressed by the way it help up when the Scribbles ran.

the new champ
     I will probably keep both paints in my arsenal, but for now, the Americana will be what I reach for first.

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