Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This is getting to be a habit!

     So I was sitting around (trapped indoors due to the extreme weather event we are currently enjoying here in Michigan) trying to work out the dimensions of Fort Mantanzas in 1/60 scale when the boat building bug bit me again! I resolved to construct something simpler than the challenging Dupuy so I stuck with a sleek little light cruiser. I got out the Proxxon hot wire cutter and shaped a narrow, slightly tumble-home hull then sat and looked at it for a bit, mulling options over in my head. It would need to be German to bring the forces back into balance but from there I was just winging it (as always!)..

razor sharp and narrow, she will be fast

     As I thought about the design I set about cladding the hull in card. Due to the very simple shape this took less than an hour.

hull finished and ready for rivets/superstructure

one of these days I will actually work from a drawing
 instead of just trying out wild ideas

this was more to my liking; lower, sleeker,
 minimalist superstructure

I lowered the turret height to enhance the look 

I made two-gun turrets to avoid having to paint more gun crews for open mounts
 yes, I'm that lazy!

I like the look so far, a couple of huge ventilators seem to be in order
 to go with that gigantic funnel

I armored the con, this and the turrets will be the only armor she carries

have to fill this empty space;
lifeboats of torpedoes, maybe both!

my chaotic workspace, 
it serves on weekends as the gaming table too

     I think that I shall call her "Blitz", if the build goes well there may be a "Donner" joining her!

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