Sunday, March 18, 2018

Drivers to your stations!

So here are the Drivers in their completed chariots.  I will take this in order of fan seating positions. 

Here we have the menacing driver in the first Blue chariot as completed by Anton. 

Here is the second Blue team.  A lighter shade of blue for the tunic creates a happier lighter character in the driver. 

Next up going around the circus is the Red team.  Here we have Red driver one in his transverse crested helmet. 

Red team two is driven by last seasons champion, thus his wearing of the purple tunic to indicate his past success. 

Making the turn for the home stretch we come to the White team.  Team one is pictured here. 

I am not sure what happened there, but I will let Anton or J&R sort that out.  In any event, this driver shows what a white driver would probably look like during and after the race having ridden around in a cloud of dust for seven laps. 

The Green team sits at the finish line (along with the emperor).  Here is their first team driving for the finish. 

The second team has the bare headed, red headed driver working his team with flair. 

Here is the view of all eight teams assembled for their next race.  Once Anton and our schedules mesh we can give this a couple of spins around the Spina and see how it shakes out. 



  1. This is all pretty nifty. The teams came out looking good, but I don’t know if the white teams require white horses.

  2. Holy cats! A couple of those pictures came out huge! I am not complaining as my old eyes can REALLY see all the detail up close. Well done!


  3. Stew,

    The teams painted their horses the color of the team. Even the greens would paint the horses often enough. The other three teams tried for specific colorations and then bring out the brush when needed. The fans also painted themselves their faction color. The whites were famous for trying to use Arabians and white if at all possible, so the Ben Hur stuff was not too bad, although the reds tended to be where the foreigners competed.


    Yeah I have no idea what happened with the two pictures. Anton and J&R take care of all that technical stuff, getting the pictures loaded is work enough in my opinion. All the pictures will size up to full size if clicked on, at least they did when I uploaded.

    1. That’s interesting to know that they painted the horses. I wouldn’t of even thought of that. 😀