Monday, March 19, 2018

I am Arthur, King of the Britons.....

     OK, I couldn't resist the Monty Python reference. Sorry.

     Having survived the weekend from Hell (working 20 hrs of overtime, taking my wife to and from a dance convention, presenting the Castillo game at Pro or Con, and fetching my daughter from across town after a traffic accident) I decided to spend last night finishing my attempt to reproduce the Angus McBride artwork from the cover of Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon Wars from Osprey's Man At Arms series. There are things that I am still not happy with, but I believe that I have captured some of the energy of the brilliant art of McBride.

certainly no match for the Grand Master McBride, 
but he will do nicely as the commander of my Post-Roman British army

I gave up on the square plastic base and moved the minis to a slightly larger round base

the mane and tail might just get a little more work

as will the Welshman's cloak

 Arthur has back-up on the way in the form of the rest of the box of Dark Ages cavalry,
these two got painted ahead of schedule so I could practice painting white horses 
before I turned my brush to Arthur's steed

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  1. Dude, vignettes are always more awesome being round, otherwise your just a square (get it, ha ha). I love how this turned out. Well done sir.


    Hope your daughter and all involved are alright.