Monday, March 26, 2018

The last round of EAW buildings

     So here is a picture of the remains of an actual building in Pompeii.

     It was probably at least three stories tall originally.  Notice the balcony built into the face of the building above the large store front doorway.  The last building I purchased from Empires At War is their Three story building with balcony. 

Herewith the build description. 

Here is the out of the bag shot, once again it is a relatively flat topped building. 

Step one is assemble the front back and walls. 

Next assemble the interior and sides of the balcony. 

For unknown reasons the directions want the Balcony box roof attached before the floor, in experimenting without glue it seems to go together better if the floor goes on first but for these purposes I followed the directions and it worked out fine. 

Next the floor doors and door frames all go on the balcony level.  For the first time in all these buildings the door frames and doors actually fit properly on the balcony.  It is the first time any of the doors and frames fit right.  Better late than never I guess. 

I next out of order assembled the removable third floor and the roof support.  
Thus allowing them to dry prior to actually being put to work. 

Next, glue the completed balcony alcove into the open space on the second level of the building front.  It fits easily into the space and held on its own in place while it was drying. 

The balcony is a single piece that simply fits into the gap and is glued in place.  It is slightly under sized and does not quite fill the space, but it looks good when completed in any event. 

Once again the only interior floors are the first and third.  This is my only complaint with the kits and it only applies to the three story buildings.  I have an idea for how it can be corrected so I will try it and let you know if it works in the future. 

Doors and door frames are then added to the building front. 

Here is the picture of the finished building. 
 I am very please with how this one turned out and think it looks outstanding. 

Thanks to the magic of photography ... POOF! .
..... and now there are TWO of these buildings in my collection. 

And here is the rear view of both buildings. 

     That concludes my holdings in this building range (Empires At War).  Next I will assembled my collection of Sarissa buildings which includes: a slave market set, a market set of stalls and tables, a temple, and an Amphitheatre.  I am waiting on one Roman building block from Sarissa which is in transit for comparison sake. 

                                                          Until Next time,  The Housemartin


  1. Great looking buildings, no doubt!

  2. Poof! Here is the city of Rome! 😀

    It’ll be cool to see all the buildings together.