Monday, February 24, 2020

A Dozen Days Left...

ten ships in need of at least standing rigging

       So I had a couple of hours free and I decided to finish off building and painting the Thoroughbred 1/600 scale ironclads for the Battlefields convention on the 7th of March. This went much faster and smoother than I had thought it would and I now find myself with twelve days to go and just bases to to do........except there is the Siren call of rigging. Basing these models should only take an hour or so which leaves me thinking that I can find the time to rig these little beauties. I still have miles of stretched sprue from rigging the 1/700 Black seas boats........hmmmm.

the upside is that the schooner rigged ships will need very little work

the downside is that there are six square-rigged vessels

I guess that I will start with the schooners and see where that takes me

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