Sunday, February 16, 2020

Rules are made for breaking........right?

        I have made it a rule over the last couple of years not to buy more figures than I have painted. By the by and in large I have conformed to this rule. But (and there is always a but, right?) I was at FlintCon perusing the flea-market of wonderful minis on offer when my eye caught a largish box of Thoroughbred 1/600 scale ACW ironclads. I have always loved their models so I was inexorably drawn toward the innocuous cardboard box, as I peered in I saw that the box was nearly full of these little beauties. As I stood, deep in thought, the owner leaned in close to me and said in a conspiratorial tone, "They are more than half off". I felt my will begin to waver as I reached for my wallet, then saw it collapse entirely when he suggested "I can do a little better than that". Moments later I was the happy owner of a box brimming over with superb models.

mea culp, mea culpa
my penance will be to assemble and paint these excellent models

        I find myself the proud owner of the following  ship kits; Milwaukee, 2 x Roanoke, Sassacus, Hartford, New Ironsides, John Paul Jones, 2 x HMS Scorpions ( a pair of ships that were built for the CSA but seized by Britain after they were launched), 2 x Mohican, Confederate Gunboats, CSS Alabama, Passaic, Monitor, Floating Battery, Dictator, Five-Gun Fort. My main concern is that they will all end up being painted black which would be a rather drab look.


  1. Oh, my friend you are forgetting those beautiful wooden decks. A frightful array of choices await you. They will not look drab at all. Like WWII capital ships dressed for inspection.

  2. Here is the Merrimack as an example.

  3. I have the yanquitos Ironclad rules. The author always want to use miniatures. But at that time no one made a good set of miniatures.

  4. Dude you so need to get in contact with Dave. I swear to you as God is my witness he is an expert on these matters. The research he has done is incredible.