Friday, September 18, 2020

Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here! The last of the Wargames Atlantic 28mm Tank Hunters


and no two of them are the same

       It took me a whole week but I have finally managed to get the rest of these guys painted. As happens with so many of my projects the closer that I got to completing the job the less enthusiasm I had for it. But I want to move on to other subjects so I forced myself to sit down and add the last little details that I had been putting off. One of the real joys of plastic figures is that they are so much easier to modify than metal ones, others might say that this is a good thing because you often get far less selection of poses in plastic, a point that I can't argue against. I made it a point while building these figures to be sure that I didn't create any duplicates, the kit is molded with arms in specific set and only has six torso/leg combinations so this took some planning (and not a little of chopping and repositioning). There were a couple of near-misses (let's face it; there are only so many ways to fire a rifle or throw a grenade) but no two of the same. I am rather pleased with the lot aside from the old-timer in the picklehaub, the pose strikes me as awkward......he might just get disassembled and re-positioned with different arms.

everybody (except the Old Man) got a gas-mask,
 this saved me from having to paint all those faces

after the first batch I took to filling/carving down the shoulders
 of the figures to more normal proportions, 
the odd "buffness" was the only real flaw that I found in this set of figures

I would have liked a couple more open-handed spare arms to ease modifications

the T-Gewehr and WEX came out well, aside from the hands on the WEX operator

for some reason the photos have a distinct yellow-shift, 
the unforms are very much gray/green in person

       Now where did I put that MK IV tank I was working on.......


  1. Very nice Anton, you did a great job on these. Plus you've painted more figures than I have in two months.


  2. Very nicely done indeed! the gas masks makes them resemble Imperial Storm Troopers (or perhaps more aptly, the other way around!).

    1. They are the original Imperial Storm Troopers, I was vaguely think about Death Korps of Kreig stand-ins too