Sunday, July 15, 2012

28mm Torpedo gunboat nearly done

     I had a little free time this weekend and knocked together this Torpedo Gunboat. While it is not yet done I couldn't resist posting a picture or two.

with three 4" guns and four torpedo tubes this small vessel packs a punch

boats and railings are pretty much all that is left

        The turtledeck forward was a pain to build but after that it was easy as there is nearly no superstructure on this vessel. More later when it is finished.


  1. Really, really cool! Very impressed, Anton. Keep it up!

    1. I feel honored, Col. O'Truth, to have impressed you. My work is but a humble shadow of wonders such as your Weapons of Mass Delusion.

      Thanks anyways!

  2. I love this series of ships. Well done!

  3. The blast from the fog horn nearly blew me out my office chair! Great work as usual!