Thursday, July 12, 2012

Perry's Mercenaries

     I had been contemplating picking up some more metal Middle Ages minis until I heard that the Perry Brothers were going into plastic. When this set was announced I knew I needed to get them. Cast in the same gray plastic as their other products, and with the same attention to quality as well, these are flash-free and nearly devoid of mold-lines. They provide a good mix of troop-types and weapons and have the easy, natural posing that one has come to expect from a Perry sculpt. A superb bit of work in all.
front box art

rear of the box, more painting ideas

inside we find three sprues of troops, two of command,
 a set of stands and a brilliantly detailed pamphlet

troops sprue side A

troops sprue side B

delightfully crisp details aboud

plenty of different heads keep the unit from looking to uniform

Perry figures always seem to capture a very natural pose,
the clothing is well detailed and "hangs" naturally as well

the Command sprue side A

the Command sprue side B

plenty of extra weapons

and a bunch more heads

the fineness of the detail is amazing

       Another fine set of figures from the Perry workshop, these are almost as good (and far cheaper) as the metal figures they sell and are head and shoulders above most figures (metal or plastic) available in this period. If you are gaming late Middle Ages or early Renaissance you cannot go wrong with these !

     Very highly Recommended,   John


  1. I agree with everything you say - my only whinge was that I expected the rank and file bodies to be different to the WotR Archers / Billmen pack. I guess they reduced costs by using the same bodies and substituted new weapons, heads and arms in the main frame. But very nice stuff nevertheless.

  2. I agree; the cost of a new figure or two probably would not have broken the bank. Variety is the spice of life and the armies of the 15th century were far from standardized!