Thursday, July 12, 2012

Victrix Athenians 28mm Hoplites

     I had promised myself that I would not buy any more 28mm plastic figures until I had gotten a box or two painted and on the gaming table. It seems that I am not so good at keeping promises, at least not the ones I make to myself! I knew I needed to buy these the moment I laid eyes on them, even though I already had the Hoplite figures from Immortal as well as their version of Spartans and a box or two of Wargames Factory Heavy Hoplites  on top of the couple of hundred metals one (thankfully those are painted). I employed the same logic that my wife uses; "They are so cheap that they are a bargain even if I don't need them" at less than a dollar a figure they certainly are a good value for the money.

box art is good, decent artwork plus photos of the actual figures

the rear, more pictures would have been nice, I don't need the potted history bit

inside the box you will find six sprues plus an instruction booklet

sprue, side A

sprue, side B

there are only four different torsos, but the detail is very crisp and clear

they even added details to the side of the hand facing the sheild!

more details, very nice indeed

there may only be four poses but there is a good selection of equipment
and the figures are realistically positioned

the faces are very good and you get a good selection

more faces

even the spears are correctly detailed

     These are the equal, if not the better, of all of the other products that I have reviewed. They simply are amazing. If you are building a Greek army (or any of the other armies that used Greek mercenaries) you cannot get better figures.

      Very, very highly recommended;  John

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  1. Okay do you plan to use them in the Trojan Saga game? Great review of the figures. I still have a ton of Romans, Celts and Gauls to finish,