Sunday, July 1, 2012

Quick, but dull, hills

     Having made dramatic hills for the GorkaMorka campaign I have been bombarded with complaints about the lack of gentle slopes for the Orky things to drive over (apparently they are not satisfied with driving over my Grotz all of the time). To solve this crisis I grabbed my hot-wire cutter and a pile of blue-board and set to   making some dunes and gently sloping hills.

as so often happens I got distracted, 
a pile of off-cuts looked (to me) like a pile of boulders, 
so I stopped and made them look more like a pile of boulders

then there were these long skinny one, they became rock spires

the GoMo fluff talks a lot about craters filled with strange caustic fluids,
 so I made a couple of those

but I finally settled down and made some hills with nice gentle slopes, 
I think that it is important to scale the terrain to the size of the game 
so that it looks "right" with the minis, no formula here just a feeling of looking right

I couldn't resist putting at least on steep side on one of the hills

no idea what this could be used for, but it sure looked like it had a purpose

this very large piece has a purpose all it's own, details in another article

I find that house paint does a great job of toughening up the surface of the foam
 and (at the same time) gluing the sand to the hill

more of those cheap brushes, 
this is not the sort of work for a Windsor-Newton

I have been dragging this can of paint around for years, 
it was a particularly tragic choice of color for a living room a couple of decades ago,
 since then it has been the base-coat for many a wargaming hill, 
house-paint is a great cheap source of coverage 
and is a very effective way of gluing flock or sand onto terrain

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