Friday, November 1, 2019

Strelets R French Foreign Legion Desert Patrol 1/76 20mm

     Strelets R has expanded their French Foreign Legion range again to now include a desert patrol. This dovetails with their earlier release of FFL infantry. These minis are crisply molded in pale gray plastic for the soldiers and buff plastic for the camels. This plastic accepts very fine detail and the figures exhibit only the tiniest evidence of mold lines and flash. As with all the other releases in this range the proportions and attention to detail displayed by these figures is exemplary

the box art is the usual odd photoshopped sort of thing that Strelets loves
but it does give you a good idea of how to paint the minis

the back of the box gives you a clear idea of what to expect inside

the box with contents

camel sprue, side A

camel sprue, side B
it seems that they are using the same camels throughout this series

soldiers, side A

soldiers, side B
again the posing is very natural and the detail is very finely cast

close-up of some of the detail,
 I am always struck by the amount of character that the faces reflect

you can almost hear the Lewis gunner having second thoughts about offering to carry it
and the fellow in the middle  is simply a superb bit of sculpting

the sergeant evinces a sense of weary authority 
with his rifle low at his side as he signals the men forward

     As with all of the other figures in this little range the sculpting is simply outstanding. The clothing folds and drapes to the man inside, the detail is finely cast and in proportion to the model and the sculptor's sense of people in motion is very well developed. This is a perfect adjunct to the FFL infantry set that released earlier. If you are interested in the French Foreign Legion's long involvement in North Africa this is a set you should have.

      Very Highly Recommended

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