Saturday, November 30, 2019

What are you doing this Saturday ... Just Roman around?

Have you seen this man lurking around your forum? 

If you have, be sure to beat him with anything that comes to hand as you call for the authorities.  There is a significant reward of 100 sesterces for the criminal Barca's capture alive to answer for his past crimes.  If you happen to be at the Forum Anton this Saturnia all office holders, and good citizens, are encouraged to be on the look out. 

If anyone should happen to find this run away slave.

Please contact Faustus Fulminus Flaminus at the Taverna de Forum Anton at the North west corner of the aforementioned forum.  Her name is Septimia and has runaway from her gentle and paternal owner.  A generous reward of 30 Sesterces is offered for her safe return. 

See you all Saturday for a busy night at the Forum Anton

Follow-up Report;

as usual The Housemartin's set-up was lovely

he truly is the King of MDF in these parts

we a;; had a jolly good time, 
even if all my characters got killed in the process

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