Friday, November 1, 2019

Strelets R Rif Rebellion 1/76 20mm

     Strelets R continues their range of Rif Rebellion miniatures with the addition of the appropriately named Rif Rebellion set; it could have been named Rif Command just as easily. Cleanly molded in a stiff orange-brown plastic these figures depict leaders and commanders. The deeply undercut figures capture the flowing robes of the Rif very well and the horses and camels are very well detailed and nicely proportioned as well. The posing, anatomy and, especially, the facial detail is outstanding. These figures should be a breeze to paint. The unnamed sculptor has done an excellent job of capturing motion and energy with these tiny figures and should be commended for their work.

cover art, again the odd amalgam of photo-shopped art

the back of the box accurately depicts the minis that you will find inside

 contents of the box, happily not a sign of one of those Muscovites

side A of the camel sprue, very well done

side B of the camel sprue, 
these minis avoid the scrawniness of some other camel castings

side A of the horses, excellent detail and posing

side B of the horses

side A of the riders
crisply detailed and full of activity

side B of the riders
proportion and posing are excellent

the Imam pointing to the verses in the Quran is right out of an old painting
just look at the facial detail of these minis

these figures capture the breathless energy of a rider on a galloping horse

     Another top-notch set from Strelets R, these figures are a perfect match to lead the Rif warriors from the other two sets in this series. The quality of the sculpting is first-rate, the anatomy, posing and attention to detail shames metal figures twice this size. If you are at all interested in wargaming or building dioramas from the period of the Rif War of the early 1920's (or, for that matter, any of the other series of conflicts that occurred along the North African coast in the era) you need to look no further. Another advantage is that these figures will pair excellently with the host of 1/72 scale vehicle and aircraft kits that are available too.

     Very Highly Recommended!

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