Saturday, November 2, 2019

This is all your fault, Kevin!

       As I was watching the fifth coat of terrain effect drying on the Afghan Village project I got bored (OK, so this happens a LOT to me so I should have seen it coming). As I looked around for something to occupy my hands I saw that Proxxie was still sitting out and there was a pile of blue board to hand, from such things madness often comes! I recalled a statement on TMP by a fellow who was interested in the Thirty Years War and building a starfort. My fingers began to twitch and I became restless, then suddenly this happened.

 so here I sit with a 15mm starfort when I already had one
hopefully Gallocelt would like it

at first I was trying to replicate this old Greenfield Hobbies wall section

the blue board was about the right thickness but...

....why not stack it and make the wall taller AND thicker?

in a few minutes I had the wall sections ready

then I went down the rabbit-hole of designing a bastion

eventually I came up with this, just repeat seven times.....

from hard experience I learned to double-check the prototype

before knocking out a full set

some elderly (and still unpainted) Minifigs used to check the parapet height

best of all by keeping it as unbased components I can use it against the edge of the table

      Still waiting for that filler to what will I do?


  1. Just finished making my own set of fort components, far less elegantly, from foamboard. TWO starforts, both in 15mm? Surely this way leads to madness, Sir! :-)

    1. I will be saved from the madness, I am shipping this one to off to Gallocelt; a fellow I met on TMP. We will, have to follow the fort's future from his postings as he completes the work on it.

  2. Sir you are a blue board master!