Monday, December 5, 2022

02 Hundred Hours minis painted

        Well, not completely. I have to finish the dogs, find a way to paint eyeglasses that works for me and then finish the bases, but the hard part is completed. Last we saw the Germans assembled and base-coated, I got those finished and then pushed through the painting on the SAS lads. With any luck I will be able to run a game on Saturday. But enough of that nonsense! Off to the minis (of course a more talented painter would be able to get much more impressive results than my clumsy efforts).

       Looking at them again I might just go ahead and pull off all the heads with eyeglasses (fortunately there are tons of spare heads so finding ones without eye wear won't be a problem). Aside from my inability to paint eyeglasses they were a breeze to paint, the detail is crisply cast and of sufficient size to ease painting without getting clunky and cartoonish (I'm looking at you, Dixon and Warlord!).


  1. Don't do it! The eye glasses to me look fine just the way the are, Game ready baby!

  2. You are too kind, I am currently painting the spare heads for the day when I just can't stand looking at the ugly eyeglasses any longer!

    1. bwahahaha! I insist you magnetize them then so you can easily swap heads;)

    2. I might have to! Apparently the Brits had different color berets for each branch, maroon, tan and green! On the other hand I could just swap them all to knit caps!