Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Partisans, for REAL this time

        I have to confess that every time I open a box of plastic minis I have to over come the urge to modify, customize and remodel each and every mini in the box. Rather than fight it I decided to roll with this impulse. I not only got out the box of partisans I also brought forth the spares bits from the Wargames Atlantic WW1 Germans and the 02 Hundred Hours kits. I drew upon that jumbled pile of spares enough different parts to ensure that I built no two figures alike. 

here we find Indiana Jones and that famous "Hero of the Resistance" Rene Atios

and there they are looking the other direction 
the LMG guys

the SMG gang

rifles and some grenades
pistols, grenades and one guy with a dynamite bundle

squad leaders

and the "brain trust"
       As I build each model I try to imagine the man that I am creating; why is he armed this way? why is he out in the dead of night risking his life? is he confident in his leaders? what skills does he bring to the fight? From the nervous cafe-owner to the street-tough that wants to get close enough to the enemy to use his knife they are all different and I try to make their appearance reflect that. Plastic just makes it so easy.....

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