Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Updated Gaming Update; 10DEC22 at Rich Uncle Pat's place 7pm

        Having watched a couple of play-though videos and actually read the rules in a quiet setting I am going to run 02 Hundred Hours again. I am certain that everyone with have a much more satisfying experience than last time. Rich Uncle Pat has graciously offered us use of his home so we will be meeting there.

          Fail to show and be considered AWOL


  1. I found the rules to be interesting. But there is a learning curve one must do to make the game run smooth. The only problems is that the Germans are robots that patrol around the objective. Until they are alert they just follow the patrol line. I believe the rule can be expanded to other time period. Vietnam, the African conflicts with Merc's and more. Great run game.

  2. Yes, there is a certain lack of agency on the German part. But realistically, guards spent weeks patrolling around facilities bored out of their skulls and we are playing the one night something happened. I am considering a Great War trench raid adaptation.