Friday, December 2, 2022

And then the Germans showed up.....

        I have to confess that I like assembling plastic minis more than I like painting them. Honestly there are a great many things I like more than painting minis, but it is part "of the process" so I have to endure it. But, back to the fun stuff1

        Having snapped the pictures of the SAS special weapons group I was confronted with the matter of starting to paint them or starting to assemble the German guards and sentries. It's pretty obvious as to how I decided. In like manner with the SAS I tried to match the builds with the minis but there is less choice of German cards and far more minis. This let my creative side have its chance and I spent the evening trying out different arms and head positions. Finally I made up my mind and here is the finished project. 

a coat of primer makes the details pop
feldgendarmie, German military police

officers, the one on the left might end up as a Gestapo member

guards, bored (and soon to be scared!)

more guards, a little more alert, except for the guy with the cigarette 

dog handlers, I tried to make it look like the handlers were responding to where the dog was looking

sergeants; tough, confident and competent

       Now I just have to force myself to sit down and get paint on them!

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  1. FINALLY!!! You put some dogs and handlers together. That’s like the best part of kit for me. Though all of my stuff is still on sprues. Looking good broster