Sunday, October 20, 2019

A House Divided, Followers of the Small Plate Heresy

the tortured land of Gluttonia

    The untimely demise of Ferdinand III has left a rift in the fabric of Gluttonian society.His jovial nature and the force of his personality kept the tension between the factions of Proper-Mealers and Small-Platers under control. Without his firm hand on matters of state things have come entirely unstuck. Even as the army was en-route home from Mindoro the tension had risen to a fever pitch, with the Small-Platers blaming the Proper-meal faction for the death of the King. The return of the troops to their respective cities and the discovery that all of the heirs to the throne were in the hands of the surrounding kingdoms have left the nation an armed camp on the brink of civil war.

     The more progressive soldiers gravitated to the Small-Plate faction, these troops joined together and and sought to employ the latest fashions in combat. These opinions tended to be grouped by area and thus the various cities declared for Proper-Meal of Small-Plate, not to imagine that there was complete unanimity within any community, just that there was a prevailing mood.

      With no King on the Throne the cities have individually declared for Hanz, binding themselves in a loose coalition and engaging in mutual defense agreements, both to defend the realm and to ensure that no Pretender claims the throne. They look to Peter the Famished as their source of inspiration and support.

      Generals have only their prior ranks in the Royal Army to guide them as to their place in the hierarchy, they have chosen to observe this ranking until merit and skill make clear who the new leaders should be.

             Commander in Chief   "Carrier of the the Plate"   Rank 5
                3x Commanders of the Army  "Guardians of the Spoon"   Rank 4
                     4x Brigadier Generals  "Bringers of Bread"     Rank 3

The Guard
          2x Cuirassiers, Heavy, Fearless, Veterans
          2x Classic Squadrons, Veteran. Large, Modern, Musket

The Foot
           5 x Classic Squadron
           2x Recruits Classic Squadron, Raw
           4x Shot Companies, Veterans, Musket
           4x Melee Companies, Veterans, Brave

The Horse
           6x Mounted Arquebusiers, Veterans, Pistol
           4x Cuirassiers, Heavy, Veterans
           6x Light Horse, Veterans, Arquebus, Caracole

The Train
           2x Heavy guns Batteries, Veterans, Mortar, Horses


  1. Here, before God and fellow Epicureans, I hence forth proclaim and lay claim to the title "Guardian of the Spoon"!!

    Woe be to any heathen that attempts to gank my spoon!

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