Sunday, October 27, 2019

Back to Bases......UPDATED!

      Having started the Epricurean Wars Campaign it occurred to me that the armies that I had drawn up considerably exceeded the figures that I had based for the Tercio rule set that we are using. After a deep sigh I descended into the workshop and cut a bunch of bases  out of matte board and sat myself down to the tedious task of carving minis off of the bases they were on, only to them attach them to the new bases and conduct the flocking procedure. I find that decaf coffee and Vivaldi's Four Seasons helps with this......

not bad for a ninety minute work session

this one was built to reflect the very best of the Gluttonian Proper Meal faction Tercio Viejo, hardened veterans committed to traditional ways and tactics

in going over the lists I realized that several armies had dragoon units but I had none based up,
now I have four

there are more than a few draftee or militia units in the lists 
so I built a couple of units of Pike & Shot that were under-strength and pretty weedy looking

          Now all that is left are a few hundred more Foot, two dozen guns and about a hundred Horse before I get started on the Nylian and Mindoran forces.

       Well, it seems that the coffee wasn't decaf. Unable to sleep I ended up finishing a bunch more units for Tercio while being serenaded by the Dropkick Murphys.
four more Dragoons, seven units of Horse, two Generals, and two units of Light Horse

with these extra units I think that I'm all set for Dragoons

seven more Horse, I wasn't really suffering a shortage of them but what else am I supposed to do?
the two generals are on the extreme right with two units of Light Horse behind them

I based up eight Shot Companies but the glue wasn't drying fast enough to allow flocking them, tomorrow mornings work

not bad for an evening's entertainment



  1. Wonderful units, love the impressive pikes!

  2. Excellent, love the giant base of figures.

  3. Those look really good, but how are these implemented on the A f g h a n i s t a n terrain boards???


  4. What is this? From the man who I never going to re-base my You did a very nice job on the re-basing...

    1. I finally found a rules-set worth the trouble, it only took forty years!

    2. Only forty year...That isn't too

  5. Nice job, though I can’t imagine anyone drinking decaf coffee on purpose...😀

    1. Dr. says I need to reduce the amount of caffeine in my system, plus it was after not really "by choice"

      By choice is usually bourbon :)