Thursday, September 23, 2021

Size Comparison between Wargames Atlantic Late Romans and Gripping Beast's models


ahh, yes.......the usual suspects, indeed

        One of the reasons that people go on about the metric system is that it so my experience there seems to be either a significant growth in the size of a millimeter or a problem with its application in the world of toy soldiers. Thus we are forced to use highly unscientific instruments such as the MK. I Eyeball when measuring our models. My work around is to simply stand them up side-by-each and take a look. It has worked well for me in the past so I present a photographic record of my efforts for perusal .

I just threw these figures together in the most obvious poses
the number of spare bits that come in the box would allow a much greater variety in poses
next to a Late Roman Infantryman from Gripping Beast

swapping a few heads and shields would allow you to mix these in the same unit
as I have already painted one unit they will be kept as discrete formations in my collection

although, the more I read about the collapse of the Roman Empire 
there is a distinct chance that dregs of different units would end up fighting shoulder to shoulder

here is the whole crew with the ruler in sight

please note that the minis are mounted on US pennies which are about 2mm thick


  1. These look great and good to see they are an OK match for the GB figures. I've just started on a post-Roman Arthurian project so the reinforcements are very timely...especially if they do an army set

  2. Interesting. I'm not worried by the difference in height. Remember some are short and others are tall. If the miniature are within a mil or two no big deal. Unless they are clone troopers for Star Wars ;)

    1. As I look at the Wargames Atlantic figures more they seem a bit long in the neck, when I build further ones I will trim that down a bit to get rid of some of the height difference and get a more natural proportion

  3. These types of comparisons are useful to a lot of gamers.

    I chuckled at the mk1 eyeball joke 😀

    1. Do the WA figures only come with round shields?

    2. Yes, check my previous post for a full-frame view of the sprue. They have loads of other goodies but just round shields