Saturday, September 4, 2021

Digging about in the Lead Mountain, 28mm TYW pioneers

       Having added the Warlord Games Engineers Working Party to the "completed" list jogged a synapse in my old brain and I remembered that I had other miners and sappers types somewhere in the Pile Of Shame. A bit of digging about soon produced some (Dixon, I think, judging from the enormous hands) figures of early Lace Wars Pioneers. Looking at these I remembered that I had also converted some old Wargames Factory infantry into sappers as well. Another dive into the Pile (on the shallow end because there are only a few thousand unpainted plastics) rescued these lads from obscurity. This motley lot soon made their way onto the painting bench and, in a burst of painting unseen in many years, I got them finished in a couple of days. It seems that I will have to concoct a siege-related scenario to give them a sense of purpose.

I went with gray for the coats because so many nations used gray coats

and gray is dead-easy to shade and highlight

I guess it would have been more realistic if I had modeled
 this group leaning on their shovels watching the F.N.G. digging

these look like Dixons, slightly odd poses, huge hands and heads

perhaps I will build a glacis for the Castillo model from a few years back
so these guys can be sapping their way toward the walls

Dixons always remind me of the old Mikes Models 15mm figs

       Between working on this lot I built another A5M4 Claude to add to the Spats collection and began codifying my 1930's And All That air combat rules. The plastic 28mm Greeks that I started over two years ago are still glaring at me malevolently from their plastic storage box as they watch other figures get painted. They will be next in the queue, I swear!

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  1. Those look great. Yeah, without a purpose-built scenario, those guys will be collecting a LOT of storage time.