Thursday, April 21, 2011

1/100 scale Zvezda Panzer II, T-26 and Panzer III

I couldn't help my self....... I had to build them. This was a very brief event, sudden almost. The only difficulty I encountered was getting the tracks on the PzIII, the fit was a little tight and they are a bit delicate so I was particularly careful. I think it took six minutes to build the lot of them. They do look even better when assembled.

more pictures after the break

I must say that they certainly have captured the look of the tanks. Most Excellent!

P.S. I am not sure what is up with my digital camera, it suddenly decided that the last four pictures needed to be in sepia tone, WTF?

P.P.S. A little googling (is that a word) and I found the area on the Zvezda website that lists these seems that there are more models available/coming soon. Take a look.


  1. the are great. do they make tanks for the 1950-60s?

  2. It seems that they are working on early WW2 Eastern front for now.....give them time and some prodding e-mails