Friday, April 1, 2011

End of an Era

I am not sure how to present this but here I go;

As of this Saturday I will no longer be wargaming.

Having just (barely) recovered from a serious week-long illness that gave me way too much time to think about things done, undone, and never tried, I have decided that forty years is enough to commit to any one undertaking, and thus, I am giving up wargaming. There are simply too many other things tugging at my attention to continue to burn money and precious, precious time on the toy soldiers. Don't get me wrong I have greatly enjoyed this hobby, it has taught me all of the history that the schools never did, I have met many great friends and had many a swell time. An almost limitless number of fond memories suround our great hobby all of them involving buddies near and dear.

Tearful remonstration wil not deter me from my course, this is something that I have to do.

Everybody is invited to my place Saturday night for one last game (the wine cellar will be wide open). The sale of the toys will happen in a couple of weeks (oldest friends get "first dibs", as promised). The books will have to wait until they take me feet-first in a bag.

Sorry guys.

BTW: Check the date of this post


  1. Did I have you going?

    Hell, it was worth a try.....

  2. hmm... that was almost as bad as the joke that the Army played on its soldiers. told them they were all going to have to wear stetsons. but really i was wondering who in the hell was posting on your forum for a second.


  3. Ha! Good thing you bought all that stuff from me last weekend before you made this decision. (I'm not buying it back.) Good luck on your mission to bring religion to the savages in Daftrica.


  4. lies, lies and more lies. Had me going there... Beware of the squadron monster :)) I owe you for making me believe you where on your death bed...