Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Minor Diversion Part 2

Having waited overnight for the primer coat to dry I began painting the bar patrons today. First the flesh, I find it easier to paint the model in the order that one would get dressed, skin first, the clothing then belts etc.

No surprises there except that I had gotten a little heavy with the primer and some of the face detail is a little blurry. I suppose that is what I get for being in a hurry. Next was blocking in the clothing, I often find this part a bother as I want the figures to stand out and be colorful without looking like circus clowns. These turned out a little bright but when they get the final washes they will tone down a bit.

Now was the time to bring a little detail to the minis. Belts, collars and other trim  help the figure come to life and create differences between similarly posed figures.

After that was hair and belt buckles, daggers etc. All that remains is a quick wash of red-brown on the flesh and then a thin black wash to pop the details and they will be ready for play. You will notice that I use only the most expensive of paints! The Americana Range from Michaels or Hobby Lobby will provide good quality paint at a cheap price and the color selection is simply astounding. For those that follow the Dallimore School you will find ready-mixed shades and highlights in the rack positioned next to one another for almost any color you choose to think of. All for about a buck and a half per bottle.

The next installment will cover washes, basing to fit with the floors and some ideas for rules.

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