Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update to previously updated schedule.......

Please bear with me on this, it has been a bad couple of weeks....

30APR11        NO GAME

7MAY11       Game at John's place
14MAY11     Game at John's place
21MAY11      NO GAME
28MAY11     NO GAME

I will not be offended (at all) if someone steps up and hosts a game on the weekends when I am not available, there is no reason for everybody to skip gaming on my account.       


  1. why are there no games in that part of may?

  2. Know what you mean about a couple of tough weeks. Marsha's Mother passed just before Easter..

  3. No!! 2 weeks at the end of May!!!
    Is the traditional party going to be on this year or will it be a pass?

  4. By "Traditional Party" I assume you refer to the Memorial Day Party, yes it will be on Memorial Day, 3ish.

    Gary, sad to hear that, mother-in-laws get a lot of bad press but I am rather fond of mine..........hope everyone else is OK

  5. Having a 28mm skirmish game my place on the 28th. Probably Africa Modern with French trying to rescue hostages.

    Need to know if Mr and Mrs Reese can attend party on the 30th? (that is Ben and Britini who were married last Saturday - DRUMS weekend of course).

    Mike Reese